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5 Changes I did to Double my Income With Blog – Case Study



Blogging is really an Incredible way to make money online and it requires a lot of Hard work and dedication. Isn’t it? I am not writing on this blog from several days as I was experimenting some techniques to double my Income.

And Yeah, it worked well. December was awesome for me, I nearly earned 2 times as I do before(Actually 2.5 times). I’ve used various techniques and it ended up in something big which I didn’t imagined at all. Now, here in this post I am going to tell you how you can do the same as I did and can double your Income within some days. Not going to waste your time, here are 5 strategies you can apply to double your Income:

Write Review Posts

Make a list of products that you’re using or you can review on your blog. After that, start reviewing those posts one by one or make list posts. Linking to those products through your affiliate link between the posts can generate commissions, if some one will buy that product.

There will be many products in your niche which you can try, just do a little bit of research and you can find them. If you need products which can generate affiliate income for a long term blog then go with Amazon. It has every type of products.

In December, through single review post of E-commerce website, I generated 218$ , and you can also do the same if you’ll follow proper strategies and can rank for the terms which are searched by your potential customers.  This was just a single post, though I did some reviews and they generated quite good money in the month of December for me.

Set Banners on your Blog

You could notice on my blog, I’ve placed 2 banners. One is of A2 Hosting and the other one is for Grammarly. For Grammarly, I’ve placed the banner 3 days ago and you’ll be glad to know, I’ve generated 110$ till now using it. Though, SERPCONTROL is not an old blog and it doesn’t have 1000’s of traffic. You can checkout the screenshot given below, if you don’t believe me:-

At the same time, through A2 Hosting I’ve made 2 sales last month and it generated me 180$. A2 Hosting is offering great amount of commission on referring a customer to them(85$) and 10$ for free sign-up. This is how, I earned 180$ from A2 Hosting in December, or maybe I could have earned more. They send mail of refereed users after 1 month when they’ve purchased the hosting. You can join A2 Hosting affiliate also. Checkout the screenshot given below:-

Adding banners on my Blog ‘Serp Control’, which is not too old generated more than 300$ in just 1 month. Ain’t it cool? you can also do the same, just try it out and see your earnings touching sky 🙂

Leverage Social Media

Using social media sites like Facebook, you can earn quite good money. I haven’t concentrated much on social media in December. Though, with 2 different posts on 1 of my Facebook page of 22,000 likes, I generated around 90$ with Flipkart and Amazon. Previously, I used to start Ad Campaigns on Facebook. But, as I was having less time I didn’t jumped on that in December and rather concentrated on Organic traffic only. You could also checkout How I increase Social media traffic from this post.

Set Targets

Along with trying different techniques, I targeted some products which I thought I’ll be buying by the end of January. I thought that I will be achieving this target in 2 months but I did it in just a month by applying the strategies mentioned above. You should also do the same to earn more.

Just don’t ignore anything if you aren’t earning. Don’t see your affiliate dashboard to attain de-motivation. Put your maximum efforts in promoting and you will end up earning great amount of money which you’ve never Imagined.


Suppose you got to know several strategies which are working for you. Scale up those strategies and try to find out which one are generating more money than others. Give more time in promoting those products which are getting high number of sales and have high commission rates. Try to find out, where you’re wrong and improve in those cases.

Meanwhile, you can checkout My New year Blogging Resolution. Happy new year guys, I hope this year will be yours and you will earn quite good amount of money.


There are many more strategies you could implement in order to increase you Income. The following are tried by me, and these are working for me. You can clone my idea if you want to earn money like I did. The amount of money I showed you in this blog post is not my exact earnings. My earnings are more than this, I’ve showed you these to give motivation and to show that these strategies works.  Now, you can set targets for January 2018 to kick-start this new year with better Income.

That’s it, if you’ve any doubts, queries or suggestions related to this post…Comment below. I will be looking forward for your comment. Also, let me know about your New year Blogging resolution and What are your strategies to earn more? 😉

Nicki Jenns is a healthy eating and world news expert, motivational speaker and author. She is passionate about the impact of health and family issues.

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