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5 ways Artificial Intelligence : Transforming the Digital Marketing Strategies



The main aim of digital marketing is to make the marketing process easier, sales driven and more result oriented. The aim of artificial intelligence is to simulate the human thinking power and embody it with computers and machines. The link between both the goals is to make intelligent machines that leverage human intelligence as well as user experience.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science that enables machines to simulate human thinking ability. AI gives machines the power of problem-solving, reasoning, decision making, and prediction etc.

The various advantages of Artificial Intelligence are:

• Artificial intelligence machines have high accuracy and precision. AI machines make fewer mistakes than humans.

• AI machines can work in harsh environments also. They are not affected by the environmental conditions.

• As AI machines do not get tired so they require fewer breaks as compared to humans.

• AI machines have high ROI (Return on Investment). AI machines are a one-time investment that fetches more profits than investments in the long run.

Now, let us discuss something about digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Technology revolutionized the way of doing business in the recent years. It has also changed the way marketing done. Lots of buzz going around about digital marketing.

So what exactly Digital Marketing? What are the applications of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing?

The promotion of brands using any of the forms of electronic media is known as digital marketing. Digital Marketing has got lot relevance in the past few years. Almost every person is available on the digital platform. Brands do not want to let go the opportunity of reaching their target customer in the digital platforms.

Digital Marketing can be broadly classified into following types:

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

• SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

• Pay Per Click advertising (PPC)

• Content Marketing

• Affiliate Marketing

• Email Marketing

• Social Media Marketing (SEM)

Having discussed digital marketing, let us discuss the importance of Digital marketing.

Importance of Digital Marketing

• Digital Marketing is important for small enterprises. Small enterprises difficult to find its market their product, because of limited resources and budget. Digital marketing has helped small businesses in marketing and reaching out the large target audience.

• Digital Marketing is cost effective as compared to the traditional methods of marketing. Promoting the brand on digital marketing is more effective and budget friendly.

• Digital Marketing helps in getting ahead of find it . By following good marketing strategies, digital marketing can become your X-factor making you the leader in the competition.

Let us discuss 5 ways how AI has revolutionized digital marketing strategies.

1. Reducing the Guesses in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence takes out the guesswork from the marketing strategies of any business. According to the latest report, 55 percent of digital marketers invested in the AI software’s. These software’s enable digital marketers to have a deep understanding of the consumer needs and behaviors.

AI applications have enabled marketers in showing the custom advertisements to target audience only.

Before the artificial intelligence applications in digital marketing, targeting the customer was difficult. AI machine learning algorithms have achieved this by predictive marketing. The AI system is now intelligent enough that it can understand the behavior of the consumer from its past behavior. This helps in reducing the guesswork as digital marketers can focus on the target audience more precisely.

2. Developing a two-way Conversation

Applications of artificial intelligence in digital marketing has transformed digital marketing to no longer be a one-way communication. In the past decade, before the social media platforms, business marketing was a one-way traffic in which business only communicate with the audience.

But after the evolution of AI, digital marketing has become a two-way communication. It has become easy for the digital marketers to communicate with the audience. They can instantly get to know the comments about the products or services. Moreover, customers can reach the marketing team hassle-free.

3. Promotion on the website becomes easy

One of the artificial intelligence applications in digital marketing is that it has made the promotion of websites easier than before. AI has made it easy to identify the target audience. This has helped in improving the conversion rates and CPM. This also helps in saving the revenue for other important areas which would otherwise be used for the product promotion.

AI will help to deliver the advertisements to the target audience only by identifying the previous browser history. Users who have barely interacted or never interacted with the advertisements can be eliminated from the target audience which makes the digital marketing more effective. Artificial intelligence has helped in identifying the customers who are interested in interacting with the advertisement only.

4. Using History data for Predicting Consumer behavior

AI helped in predicting the user behavior by using the history data of the consumer. AI tools are enabling digital marketers to keep track on the customer behavior. The understanding of consumer behavior and approaching in a more personalized way strengthens the bonding between brand and the consumer.

It not only understands the message content but also infers the meaning and sentiment behind the words. AI machine learning tools also prevent the weakening of the digital marketing campaign. It distinguishes between the old and the new consumers. It also tracks the conversion rated, custom lifetime, consumer cycle etc.

Digital marketing can help in retaining the customer by understanding their need s and wants.

AI Chatbot Trends for 2018

5. AI powers chatbots for customer service

AI-powered chatbots are helping the improving the customer service to many folds. According to a survey, around 49 percent of customers preferred text or messaging service for the interaction rather than the voice interaction. This is because the former is easily accessible and a speedy method. Chatbots are build using AI algorithms that can interpret the meaning of the query and can respond by answering the solution. Chatbots can simulate the human conversation and they are designed to be friendly in nature.


In a nutshell, we can say that artificial intelligence gas transformed the way digital marketing was done. Digital marketers are now in a much stronger position to understand the consumer behavior than ever before. AI applications have enabled digital marketers to understand the customers very closely. Therefore it is important for digital marketers also to constantly keep pace with the new advances in the field of AI technology.


Author Bio:

Varun Arya is passionate Data Scientist as well as Digital Marketer at Research Infinite Solutions – He loves to share his knowledge with the World with Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning Skills with people so that they can understand about the Stock Market Prediction System.

Nicki Jenns is a healthy eating and world news expert, motivational speaker and author. She is passionate about the impact of health and family issues.

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