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How to Choose The Most Appropriate Social Networks for Your Business



social media for business

In my day to day I have the opportunity to work, contact and talk with freelancers and small entrepreneurs who ask the same question: how to choose the most appropriate social networks for their businesses . Having an online presence is no longer an option and companies know they have an excellent opportunity at their fingertips .

How to choose social networks for your business #socialmedia

What can social networks do for your business?

Your clients communicate, connect and share through social networks. You can not keep “out” of this reality. It is important to know the target audience you are targeting , so that you can relate to your potential and current customers through their favorite social networks.

If I am a B2B company, can social networks also help me?

Of course. What happens is that your strategy will be different from that of a company that targets the final consumer . In your case, networks such as Twitter , Google Plus and, most especially, Linkedin can be excellent allies, in addition to your corporate blog . You can also resort to other marketing actions.

At the online level , email marketing is a very powerful option. In the field of offline marketing , networking events and strategic alliances or collaborations can be very interesting alternatives for your business. Contact companies that offer products / services complementary to yours and find the best way to help each other. It is about that both companies win.

facebook vs twitter

Is it “mandatory” to be on Facebook and Twitter?

It is not . In fact, there are professionals and very well positioned companies that do not have a presence on Facebook . So we go back to the starting point. It depends on the audience you are targeting and the goals you want to achieve , it will be important to be in one or another social network.

What happens if I have created social profiles but do not use them?

I recommend you read the post in which we talked about ” the worst thing is to be around “. One thing is to create the profile to have your username “reserved” and another thing is quite different is that you create the profiles, do not personalize them properly, publish a couple of months and then “abandon” them to their fate 🙁

Social networks are carried by my nephew who knows a lot about that.

Some social networks are well known, such as Facebook, but the personal use of this network is very different from professional use. A specialized company can help you increase your visibility on the internet, differentiate yourself from your competition, get more recommendations for your business, retain your current customers and improve your customer service . This will increase your sales and the satisfaction of your customers.

It is important that you have a “guide” of the actions to follow to achieve your goals . In addition, each social network has its own language and behavior rules. The key is to know what you say, how you say it and to whom you tell it , so that you can communicate, connect and share with your followers.

Otherwise, you will be seen “out of place” . Come on, as if you were going to a party dressed in clothes to go to the field on Sunday.

Creating a profile on a social network is free. Why hire a company?

Indeed, the creation of profiles is free but professional management has a price . If you hire the service you can go much further and you will have specific solutions to achieve your company’s objectives . In addition, there are other online marketing actions that are complementary to the use of social networks and can be very useful to increase sales in your business.

If you want to know more about choosing the most appropriate social networks for your business , subscribe to the blog and you will receive You need a Plan: Guide to Create your Own Social Media Plan . You can consult it in digital format or download it to read it whenever you want and at your own pace;)

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