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How to Choose Keywords in SEO for better Ranking?



How to Choose Keywords in SEO for better Ranking?

Choosing the right keywords in SEO is essential to improve your SEO and get better positions on search engines. Having good positions on Google requires knowing the different types of keywords. Let’s discover them:

The choice of keywords is a task for the SEO professional in charge of SEO your site if you have one. It’s a dimension that is part of the fundamental SEO.

There are many things to consider when choosing the keywords that will help your site get an excellent conversion rate.

In choosing them, you must keep in mind that they are the gateway to your site. Because it is by informing them on Google that your site will appear in the SERP. How to choose the right keywords can improve the SEO of your site?

Keywords and organic traffic

Since the primary purpose of any site is to receive quality visitors to sell a product or service, the choice of keywords for which your site should be well positioned should be carefully studied.

This study could conduct by yourself or via web marketing agency that would be in charge of the SEO of your site.

Getting your site on Google on keywords with high conversion rates is not easy, but the game is well worth the effort. It might be wise to deal with background content and relatively long to place themselves on keywords competitively.

Many prefer to resort to paid search for the immediate results it brings while doing an ant work to achieve to host your site in the best places for the terms or expressions most representative for your site brings results on the long term.

How to find the right keywords?

How to find the right keywords?

To find the expressions that are really worth it, we have selected three criteria that we invite you to discover below:

Traffic generated by the keyword: Using this criterion, approximately, you will know the number of times a term or keyword searched on Google. For this, many tools are available to you as Google Adword.

The quality of visits generated by a keyword: using this criterion, you will know if the chosen keyword allows you to increase your conversion rate. A quality visitor results in the sale of a product for an e-commerce site or a significant visit time for an information or news site.

The interest around a keyword: you can use this criterion to figure if a keyword is worth fighting for a better Google positioning. If the number of sites wishes to better positioned for a given keyword is important, we can conclude that the keyword is important enough to get your attention.

How to find the right keywords

In light of what has been said above, we have segmented the keywords into four distinct groups:

  • Competitive keywords
  • Parasitic keywords
  • Forgotten keywords
  • The keywords of the niche

How to find the right keywords

What is a competitive keyword?

A keyword or phrase is considered to be competitive when many sites are trying to improve their placement on the same query. The first places for competitive keywords are generally occupied by sites with a certain seniority or notoriety on the subject.

Even for a reputable SEO consultant, being able to position yourself on a competitive term is not an easy task.
For example, if a query shows more than 60,000,000 results, be aware that you are facing a competitive keyword. In addition to the number of results, you will be able to recognize a competitive keyword by the number of sponsored links displayed both above and below the natural results.

The more competitive a term, the more advertisers pay to appear there. In addition, for highly competitive keywords, sponsored links also appear on the second page of the search results.

The good news is that the conversion rate for competitive keywords is generally high. However, beware of SEO experts who promise you first place for these keywords and sometimes even in a very short time.

In any case, it is impossible to promise even to meet given the many parameters. Moreover, SEO is an inexact science, there are no promises that hold on this subject. Doing your job naturally is often the best advice you can give.

woman girl seo ranking website keyword

What is a parasitic keyword?

We denote keywords parasitize phrases for which your site will appear without any needed make efforts for it. Such traffic is generally of poor quality because it comes mainly from generic terms.

Your site will appear on these terms because one of your pages addresses such a topic. When viewing the results for these queries, you will notice the lack of sponsored links or very few compared to those of a competitive query.

What is a neglected keyword?

Contrary to parasitic keywords, the neglected terms refer the user to a specific topic and not a general one. Sites that do not have a great reputation could be placed in a very good position.

To be there, these sites do not usually offer any effort. If you want to place yourself on such requests you will not have much trouble getting there.

The search results for those keywords typically offer less than 5,000 results. You will also find no sponsored links. In some cases, the traffic credible of excellent quality.

The URLs in these SERPs do not often contain the keywords of the search.

What is a niche Keyword?

Many webmasters focus their efforts on competitive keywords while SEO consultants may place less emphasis on them. To succeed in positioning oneself on such requests will be possible only after considerable efforts.

The visits resulting from such requests certainly offer a high conversion rate if the result is part of the top 3 but it is not the simplest work in SEO. To get high conversion rates, it’s best to focus on niche keywords that are directly related to your universe, but not just of course.

SEO also consists of a balance between the different choices of keywords.

Searches based on niche keywords generally offer less than 60,000 results because very few pages deal with the subject. URLs in search results are long and contain keywords in part or in full.

To get the best possible conversion rate, focus your strategy on niche keywords.

Nicki Jenns is a healthy eating and world news expert, motivational speaker and author. She is passionate about the impact of health and family issues.

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