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Using Click Funnel tool to Engage more Audiences and Profiting!



click funnel Audiences and Profiting

For the last decade Larry Becht has been a digital marketing expert and is also a certified partner for Click Funnels. To turn your products and ideas into profits, his company assists you.

How to establish a deeper connection with your audience and create multiple ways to promote your products automatically is what we are going to discuss here today.

Using Click Funnels for making money online

You required a whole team of people including website designers, copywriters, graphic artists and specialists on the different platforms you were using to set up your sales funnel was a must when you wanted to set up a sales funnel online.

You can now set up everything in your sales funnel through one hub with click funnels.

The following are the things which click funnel handles:

  • The website
  • The auto-responder system
  • CRM auto-responder system
  • The complete sales funnel process

Look for purpose

In order to get the most out of Click Funnels is what you are going to utilize the system for is the first thing which you have to know.

Depending on what you want to do, Click Funnels has several different funnel templates.

You can:

  • To collect people’s email addresses, create an opt-in page funnel. It can be set up in as little as 24 hours as this is a simple process involving two pages.
  • To sell your product, create funnels.
  • Creating webinar funnel.
  • Creating membership website

Covering whatever flow you want to create click funnels offers a range of options. What you want your end result to be is what you require to know at the beginning.

A Self-Contained service

A self-contained service is what Click Funnels is. When you subscribe to Click Funnels you do not need to have an auto responder is what it means.

Click funnels can integrate with them and be a backup in case your auto-responder loses data if you already have an auto-responder that works well for you.


Collect Email Addresses

You need to build an email list is what the most important thing is. By using a squeeze page is what the standard way of collecting someone’s email address is.

Visitors have two choices is what a squeeze page is which is a simple page:

  1. Get whatever list incentive you have set up to build your list and giving you their email address.
  2. Leaving your page.

There are two windows of opportunity to collect someone’s email address in general:

  1. After they buy your product by creating bonus content and putting a link in your product you can collect someone’s email.

The people would be driven to a squeeze page where they have to give you their email address to receive their bonus and this is through the link to your bonus content.

  1. If you are using Facebook Ads or some other as platform, you can also get someone’s email before they buy your product. With the bonus content which promotes your product, the ad would link to a squeeze page.As because there is a chance that someone might sign up for your list and not buy your product, the bonus which you offer when somebody signs up got your list before they buy your product should be inexpensive.

Segmenting your email lists using Click Funnels

Allowing you to segment your email list in powerful ways, Click Funnel has some very robust emerging technology.

Allowing you to track your audience’s social media activity so that you can create a list of social media influencers, there is a version of Click Funnel reviews.

Segments can also be done through:

  • The geographical area
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Hobbies
  • History of purchase
  • Whether people have checked their emails
  • Whether people have clicked on the links in emails

As it allows you to know more about your audience than other list-building solutions, Click Funnels stands out as a service.

Formula for product launch

  1. Allowing people to access a video training series of three to four videos over a two-week period, you can set up a squeeze page. Three or four important points in your books are covered through these videos. Or you can train people on one element.
  2. People get access to a video in the series every few days after they have signed up to your list.
  3. Your audience has a really good idea of what is in the book and they are really excited about the content and this is the point which is by the end of a video series.

This sort of thing needs to be plans a month before the launch of your product. This opens gates for people to sign up on your list.

Through the video series it is possible that people can pre-order your product and they need not wait for the launch date.


Multiple options for buying

Click Funnels allows you to easily offer multiple buying options so that you can bundle other products with your product to increase the amount which you make from your customer base beyond just the product royalties is what the one powerful reason to use Click Funnels is in implementing the product launch formula.

For creating multiple buy buttons for different products and product suites which are related to your book, the Click Funnels gives you the option.

You can now tell people that your product is live on Amazon and then offer products at the end of the video series.

Follow up with your subscribers

As many opportunities to buy as you possibly can is what you want to give your email subscribers.

In terms of services in their business, the best thing which you can do is study other successful entrepreneurs. Making sure that your audience knows about it, and then you offer a similar type of product.

On a deeper level a certain percentage of your customers are going to want to learn from you. You are maximizing the number of people you can help achieve their goals by creating products and services and putting buy buttons on your website.

Nicki Jenns is a healthy eating and world news expert, motivational speaker and author. She is passionate about the impact of health and family issues.

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