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Facebook Marketplace – How Realtors Can Make Profit



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Facebook has always been one of the leading innovative companies of our generation. They have been able to incorporate a lot of things on their platform.

All of this has caused more traffic towards their website. Recently, they have been able to put up a Facebook Marketplace which makes shopping in Facebook easier. It helps both business owners and consumers.

In the past, Facebook businesses only had the option to post a picture with a caption. But now, with Facebook Marketplace, a product or service can be sold by creating a listing.

It is easier for business owners and consumers to communicate with each other. Also, it is easier to spot an item being sold if it is a listing rather than a simple Facebook post.

Realtors can take advantage of this marketplace to make it easier for them to look for potential clients. Here are some ways they can further their digital marketing for real estate through the marketplace:

create Awareness

Create awareness

The Facebook marketplace can easily create awareness for your business. Realtors can create listings of their houses or lands for sale. Potential clients will have an easier time to look for apartments or properties that are in the Facebook marketplace than going around town looking for houses.

Not only is it more comfortable, but it also saves them time, money, and effort. Customers can search for real estate listings that are specific to their wants or needs.

They can set the price range and location so that they only view the listings that they want.  Potential clients that are actually interested can easily contact realtors, which makes it easier for everybody.

With the help of this marketplace, people will also be able to get a background of the realtor through their profile before even contacting them.

The Facebook marketplace is also better than Craigslist because of the simple fact that contacting the seller is easier. The marketplace directly connects you to the profile of the seller, unlike in Craigslist which sends a no-reply email.

This can quickly build trust because you know who you are talking to instead of the traditional way of calling a number that is posted outside a house for sale.

Posting your name is beneficial to the realtor because they can easily make a name for themselves on Facebook. Potential clients will be able to see all of your listings.

Building your brand will be easier when people always look at your name in the marketplace.

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Make an offer that they can’t refuse

Even with all the benefits of using the Facebook marketplace, it is still essential to create a well-made listing.

First, the photo is a crucial part of the listing. It is what the potential clients first look at when checking out a listing. The photo should be high quality and shows what you are trying to sell.

Do not post a picture of the beach if you are trying to sell a house. Go direct to the point. Show exactly what is for sale. But, don’t forget to highlight the great qualities of the house.

Second, the description should be clear and concise. People usually do not read descriptions that are long.

Make sure that the description only says the things that are essential information about the house or land that you are trying to sell.  Last, posting the price.

When displaying the price for real estate, give way for some sales talk to get to the selling price point that you want. Post an amount that will provide you and the potential client some room to negotiate.

A house for sale for $1.3M can be posted as $1.4M so that you could “give a discount,” but would get you to the selling price that you and the client will feel comfortable.

Automated replies

It is vital for business owners to be able to respond as soon as they can. Consumers are rarely patient. They buy from sellers who are the first to respond.

Especially in real estate, a person looking for a house usually looks at a handful of homes at a time. If you do not reply to him as soon as possible, others realtors may already be closing a deal with him.

With Facebook, you can make automated replies when you are away. Even if your response is not personal, at least the potential customer gets a reply. It is also beneficial to put other ways to contact you if you are away from Facebook.


These are some ways that the Facebook marketplace can significantly help your business as a realtor. Go on, take advantage!

Nicki Jenns is a healthy eating and world news expert, motivational speaker and author. She is passionate about the impact of health and family issues.

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