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Google assistant on iPad: SEO and Voice Search at the top!



girl on ipad SEO and Voice Search at the top!

That’s it ! Google assistant arrived on iPad a few days ago and it’s much more fun to use in large format. The iPhone version of Google Assistant has been available for a few months now. Find more download links.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is part of the family of voice assistants who are asked questions to obtain information from the Internet. The answers come from the Google search engine, of course.

Beyond that, Google’s voice assistant is able to interact with applications, just like SIRI, which equips Apple terminals. You will also be able to

Start with the traditional OK Google to activate the voice assistant. Then ask your question or ask him info like this to test his responsiveness:

What time will it be tomorrow in Paris?
Should I take an umbrella tomorrow
Give me a 10 minute miniser
Note me an appointment for tomorrow at 9am
Open me Google Docs
Open me Gmail
View my emails
What’s 15 x 2/5 x 12 -5
Google voice queries for fun:
Give me a riddle / make me a charade …
Sing me a song
Take a man’s voice …

Voice synthesis and comprehension

For now Google Assistant has only one female voice with a good pronunciation overall. The speech synthesis is good and the voice recognition just as much. The sentences are well transcribed on the screen if they are well spoken and clear enough for the voice assistant.

I noticed small bugs but they are not bad and do not interfere with the user experience. For example, words that sound alien may be misinterpreted.

Overall speech synthesis is good to see very good in some cases. It’s all about the stated phases and the fluidity of reading.

The understanding is also very good because I noticed very few errors on the sentences that are transcribed on the screen.

So this is the first good points for Google.

Google Home and Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a little Google Home that fits in your smartphone or tablet … a little less design because your iPad will not sit in your living room for this unique purpose! If you are looking for a voice assistant who will not move from place, opt for a version of Google Home.

The Google Assistant that equips tablets and smartphones do not have all the features of Google Home products either. The classic Google Home (see below) is a connected speaker that is able to play Spotify playlists for example and order a lot of connected objects, including multi-color led bulbs.

Google Assistant present in an Apple environment may seem paradoxical, but it is also a subtle way to give more appeal to the iPad tablet. One of the advantages is the control of the Google applications if you have downloaded them on your tablet: Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slide, GMail etc …

You can set appointments, work on documents etc …

Google Home and Google Home Mini

If you want to get the Google Home speaker you will have access to other voice commands than the wizard that equips smartphones and tablets. To see if it will evolve with time and updates.

The Google Mini version is quite discreet, less powerful than the speaker but remains a good compromise to enjoy the joys of voice assistance Google other than via a mobile terminal.

The iPhone version of Google Assistant

The iPhone version is already available for a few months and you can download the application below. The iPhone version is identical to the iPad version in terms of commands and its use. The voice assistant is simply more discreet.

Nicki Jenns is a healthy eating and world news expert, motivational speaker and author. She is passionate about the impact of health and family issues.

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