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How to Make your Website SEO friendly That Google Loves



building an SEO friendly websites

Websites plays a crucial role regarding promoting the products or online services because it face of the business in the world of internet.

People may understand different kinds of benefits involved in building an SEO friendly websites, Because it helps them to design the promotional campaign based on the budget, pricing of the products and services and so on.

Most of the current generation website is built using WordPress, which offers a user-friendly interface in order to edit or add information from time to time.

Why make websites SEO friendly?

Building an elegant website is not sufficient to survive in the current generation, because it helps them to display the website in search engines in order to increase the visits on a regular basis. It is widely recommended for people to make websites search engine friendly because it helps them to promote in search engines to attract more visitors to the website in an easy way. Most of the affordable SEO Services have provided a list of parameters, which helps them to certify and evaluate the website in an effective way.

Some of the important aspects to consider while making your website SEO friendly

Keywords –

Keywords reach the depth of the customer base and the market in order to promote in an effective way. Proper keyword research helps you evaluate the market conditions based on the requirement, budget, and location from time to time. It is essential to conduct a quality keyword research on a regular basis because it helps to promote the product by using the right keywords in the websites on a regular basis.

Internal and external links –

Internal and external links are one of the popular ways of decreasing bounce rate in the website on a regular basis. It is important to understand the concept of bounce rate because it helps you rank the website in better positions from time to time.

Some of the popular SEO or search engine optimization plugins in WordPress instruct users to use both internal and external links on the website because it helps people to find a proper reference of the information in an effective way.

As people visiting other sites from the page, the bounce rate would be decreased drastically to improve the ranking on a regular basis.

Content –

Content is the king of the business, which helps a lot of people in growing from time to time. It is evident that people would prefer to add creative and unique content because it helps users to find fresh and attractive content to stay on the website in an effective way.

Mostly search engines have put a restriction on people to use unique content on the site. A unique and creative content helps people to reduce bounce rate and easily increase the search engine ranking.

Images with Alt captions –

Google set to release some of its advanced algorithm update in 2018. The image and video optimizations are taking a new turn because it helps both customers and business owners to enjoy benefits effectively.

It is necessary to edit the image properties and insert the focused keywords in the Alt captions because it helps users to find the relevant images based on the customer’s query in an effective way.

It is important for people to follow every step mentioned in the Google because it helps you gain a better rank in a search engine in order to take good exposure on a regular basis.

seo Heading Tags h1 h2 h3

Headings and titles in pages –

It is important to have necessary headers and titles in the page with focus keyword on a regular basis. Every search engine studies the title, headings and content to find the focus keyword, which helps them to rank better in the results from time to time.

It is necessary to have sufficient headings in the content because it helps users to have a fair idea about the content in order to save time in an effective way.

Mobile-friendly features –

As the current generation prefer to use mobile devices in order to visit websites or to research for various services and products, it is important to have the mobile-friendly website in order to avoid losing out on mobile users.

It is evident that some of the search engines display only mobile-friendly websites for mobile users allow Mobile SEO Services, which plays a significant role in every website to avoid losing valuable visits on a regular basis.

Legitimate themes –

Important to understand for people the benefits of using either free themes or full license themes in an effective way. Nulled themes take a huge hit while getting ranked on the search engine because it would have been borrowed or stolen from the developer without consent.

Expert widely recommended for people to use either a paid theme or an open source theme because it helps them to rank well in search engines to increase the visits on a regular basis.


It is essential for people to understand the benefits of having an SEO friendly website because it helps you attract a lot of people from search engines on a regular basis.

People to know different kinds of themes and plugins available in the WordPress because it helps them to take maximum mileage in order to promote in an easy way.


Author Bio: I am Naveen Kumar, the founder and CEO of the best SEO Company in India, JDM Web Technologies, is an expert in Google Analytics, Bing Ads, Google AdWords Certified and Woo rank Digital Marketing expert certified company.  I have more than 9 years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing, SEO Services, PPC, SMO and ORM. As a team we can provide you with all the services that you need for your online business and at the same time I can assure that you will get all our affordable SEO Packages within a reasonable pricing.

Nicki Jenns is a healthy eating and world news expert, motivational speaker and author. She is passionate about the impact of health and family issues.

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5 Effective ways to double Your Website Traffic



If you are running a website then you know the importance of traffic. This is the only thing which can make your website successful. Even if you have a good user interface or user-friendly environment on your website, it won’t gain success until it gets proper traffic on it.

Many website developers try to increase their traffic by various procedures but only a few of them succeed.

We are here with some effective ways which can help you in increasing the traffic on your website.

1.Finish the SEO audit of your website

Auditing your website is the best way to figure out why you are not getting enough search traffic and sales of your website.

Auditing of a website is a systematic inspection of your website in which the website is precisely examined which includes performance, user interface, and environment etc. of the website. Here are a few checks you can do while auditing your website.

  • Check weather the entire web pages of your website have SEO meta titles and description or not.
  • The URL of your website should be optimized according to the search engine optimization schemes.
  • The formatting to the Web Pages should be done properly.
  • Each webpage should be optimized for SEO keywords.

Auditing a website is a difficult task and there are a few companies which can do it. If you want proper and efficient auditing of your website then you must go for

We have experienced and trained professionals who have a great experience in auditing a website.

2.Learn from the user requirements

Public opinion is very important when you are doing a business. Like the physical market, websites also have potential customers who use your website frequently.

The opinion of those customers matters a lot because when the customer gets what he wants then this will automatically increase the traffic. Here are some ways to find out what your users want.

  • Use social media platforms
  • See your pages in Google Analytics
  • Look for feedback comments on your blog

3.Heard about Landing pages, get them optimized according to SEO

Landing pages hold a huge importance in diverting the traffic on your website. Many of us consider the homepage of the website as the most important page but when we talk about traffic then landing pages are most important.

These are the pages where the user comes when he opens the link to your website therefore it must be optimized according to the SEO so that more users can get to them.

4.Make the website mobile friendly

We have come forward in terms of technology and nowadays most of us use mobile phones for surfing on the internet. Therefore it is very important that the websites should also be optimized according to the mobile phones so that they can run on both computers and small mobile devices.

Only running the website on mobile phones is not enough, optimizing means that the website must be capable of being operated by fingers instead of precise pointers of the mouse therefore the buttons should be large and the content should be proper according to the mobiles.

5.Use of Infographics is a good option

Nowadays users have become very impatient so if they don’t understand the content quickly and easily then they will switch to another website. Infographics are trending these days because you can explain complex stuff easily with their help.

According to a research, 60% of the total internet users are visual learners and they will understand a graphical presentation more easily than simple text.

These are some of the most effective ways by which you can double the traffic on your website. provides Seo services for more than ten years and has hundreds of satisfied clients. We will provide you complete web solutions which will surely increase the traffic on your website.


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The Basics of Preparing a Blogging Editorial Calendar



Preparing a Blogging Editorial Calendar

Part of maintaining a blog goes beyond branding. Producing high-quality and relevant content is part of branding. You have to retain the voice you started, follow specific rules, and keep up the frequency of your posts. The task is easy when you only have to focus on one thing such publishing, writing or research. But what if you have to juggle everything? What happens when you take over all the roles?

On top of that, you also have to consider your roles at home and other life events that may come your way. Creating a timeline is a great way to schedule blog posts and categorize the topic. Many writers under a digital agency Philippines organize their thoughts and streamline their blogging process through an editorial calendar.

Before plotting in the details, here are the things you’ll need:

  1. Calendar
  2. A diary
  3. Editorial calendar app

It’s time to gather your materials and get your hands dirty. The coursework won’t be bloody as it’s only the simplified version. All you have to do it organize your calendar and be consistent with the tasks you must accomplish.

Excited? Here’s how to do it.

Blocking dates on the calendar

Plot all of your appointments, time off and other tasks you must prioritize in your week or month. After you finish with all of these activities, add your blogging times. You can have two deadlines on your calendar if you find it difficult to stick with the schedule you set for yourself.

Give yourself a soft and hard deadline. The soft deadline is the ideal date to finish your content and have it ready. The time is flexible so you can move it on a different day anytime you don’t feel comfortable. Meanwhile, the hard deadline is the date you cannot postpone. Passing up on the date will mess up your schedule.

Having two deadlines provides additional time for research, writing, and editing. It also gives the flexibility you need to move around other agendas you may encounter along the way. Without these dates, you won’t be a consistent blogger.

When is the best time to plan?

Since planning requires time and focus, you can set up weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Some bloggers even plan their calendars every six months or annually. Most schedule content for their blogs monthly to pave the way to other events in life.

Consequently, a quarterly calendar conjures a picture of your blog. You can survey the flow and theme of your posts if it still goes to the direction you want. Often, blog posts only answer to a certain segment of your audience. Thus, three months worth of blog posts will show you how to balance and respond to the concerns of your audience.

What are the best practices to generate blog topics in a short time?

1. Share your knowledge of a subject. Utilize your stocked expertise and share it with your audience. Provide facts and back it up with evidence or statistics. Don’t be afraid to publish a technical post.

2. Use blog generator plugin. Joyce Kyles, an author and speaker, admits using it. All you need to do is type two to three words or your “keyword.” It will generate several ideas for you.

3. Write articles in advance. Whether you are starting your blog or just writing stuff, you must draft at least ten posts. You can publish one or two per week if you are a new blog. Matthew Gates, owner of Confessions of the Professions, advice to continue writing at least two articles per week to keep the engine going.

4. Recycling past posts or guest posts. Take a different approach, explore a different point of view, and or use a different voice.

5. To avoid going behind deadlines or looking dead on the Internet, spread your posts throughout the week. Blogs with long articles which are 2000 words or more can get away with fewer posts per week. They can publish short articles with 500-1000 words in between. Publishing content once a week or a month won’t attract visitors and engage your target audience. Therefore, use an editorial calendar to stay on top of your blog planning.

Maintaining productivity

Writing is a job that stems from creativity. It is often a task to write when you are not in the mood or lack the motivation to do it. Therefore, some writers feed themselves with inspiration, expose themselves to various experiences, and follow their inner muse to stay productive.

Inspiration: Following related blogs

The best way to have a constant stream of ideas is by exposing yourself to related fields. Following associated blogs on the topic that interest you or plan to write about gives insights on how you will conduct your work.

You can use them as inspiration for future posts as well as resources for current ones. Utilize your social networks to find gems buried under millions of published posts. Once you have some articles, you can view them from a different perspective and offer your point of view.

The Inner “Muse”

Some days feels like a breeze – it helps to go with the flow. All you want is have fun with your blog as you produce endless ideas to improve your writing and articles. When you feel this, it is your muse driving the front seat. Following your muse prevents you from experiencing burn out.

There are benefits of allowing the “muse” to take over. You can create drafts form your ideas which streamline writing process of articles.

Concentrating on consistency

Planning your editorial calendar and retaining your productivity levels are only the initial steps to becoming an efficient blogger on a blogging schedule. It’s also necessary to be consistent with quality and quantity of your posts. Still, quality trumps volume of the posts all the time. Become consistent with the articles you set out for the audience so you can go on vacation or hiatus without sacrificing your audience and resources you spend on the blog.

Posting per month or week isn’t right or wrong. Any number of articles is acceptable as long as you stick with your posting schedule.

Accepting guest posts

Guest posting is a way to promote your blog, expertise, and burnout. Attempting to do everything on your own, though within your capacity, can max out your creative juices. To find how many guest posts you can fit in the editorial calendar, you must identify the number of blog posts you can accomplish in a month. Be realistic. Now use two of the total count as slots for guest posts.

If you are still thinking guest posting, remember that it increases the value of your blog by hooking a new audience. It is also an SEO strategy as it gives your site high-quality backlinks.

Preparation is the key

As cliche as it sounds, it is the only way to keep up with an editorial blogging calendar. You cannot block the dates when you don’t have insights on what you wish to achieve by the end of a period. When you consider when is the best time to plan, you can proceed by generating blog topics. Thus, the basics of a blogging calendar are as follows:

  1. Plotting the dates on the calendar
  2. Writing articles in advance
  3. Publishing with the same frequency or on the same dates
  4. Including guest posts

Once you have that covered, you optimize your blog and establish your brand to your audience.

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Guest Blogging: Creating Blogger Partnerships to Boost SEO



How to Write article for guest blogging

The guest blogging is one of the best ways to earn positions on Google and optimize its SEO. In terms of writing guest articles, here are some tips to apply, including the triangular guest blogging for a fully optimized SEO.

Do you know the partnerships between bloggers we usually call guest blogging or sharing guest articles?

To improve the positioning of a website on Google, the SEO expert or the owner of the site in question, will have many levers in possession.

In this article we will mainly talk about the establishment of partnerships in the form of guest blogging, in order to boost your website closer to the top 3 search results, which is also called the golden triangle Google.

The time when it was enough to conduct a link exchange with any website to improve its SEO is over. Today succeeding its strategy of guest blogging is a work in its own right and is no longer limited to a simple exchange link … including triangular guest blogging as we will see below.

With the new SEO trends in 2018 , we can see that SEO is a very battleground and it is essential for any website to get the best visibility on Google. With the incoming voice SEO , Google’s mobile first index for site ranking, a lot will change.

Here are some of the key things that SEOH has done to create an effective SEO strategy:


  • influence’s
  • Content to share and download
  • Security
  • Branding
  • Social Networks
  • Local SEO


  • Storytelling
  • Mobile first
  • Featured Snippet
  • Rich content
  • Keywords LSI
  • The long train


  • Humanize interactions
  • Minimalist operation
  • AMP
  • RankBrain
  • chatbots

Set up a netlinking strategy … or do Guest Blogging?

The simple but most expensive solution to gain positions on Google, is definitely to set up a netlinking strategy to boost your SEO .

However everyone does not have the budget to invest, especially since it depends on the authority of your website, but also that of websites on which to place backlinks.

The budget of a backlink placed on a website with strong authority can vary from $500 to more than $1000. Suffice to say that if you have to put some, it will hurt the wallet very quickly.

However, such a strategy can not be effective if the website is young and lacks relevant content. In the same way in guest blogging, it will be necessary to know to consider the current state of its website and its visibility.

To remedy this, there remains the solution of the exchange of links via the guest blogging, where there will also be question of finding sites with more or less strong authority, according to the one you have acquired yourself within your website . Still, the authority of the site that will provide a backlink or a link pointing to your site, will be the most important point.

Since we are looking to optimize our SEO to gain positions on Google, the choice of partners in guest blogging is highly important.

Before setting up any partnership to start guest blogging, the SEO expert or you will have to carry out a detailed analysis of the sites with which you want to do your link exchanges.

Choosing partners to make Guest Blogging

Incidentally, note that the links or backlinks will be heard as dofollow links, which implies to know the differences between dofollow and nofollow links . No interest in getting nofollow links that would point to your site because they would have no impact on your SEO.

Choosing partners to ensure guest blogging is the guarantee of a successful SEO , because otherwise, your site could suffer the wrath of Google that could sanction it. This is a question of theme to choose, but not only! as we will see below:

1. The choice of theme for your Guest Blogging partnership

The first criterion to consider before establishing a link exchange when you do guest blogging, is to ensure that the site with which you want to establish this partnership, has a theme similar or complementary to yours.

In any case avoid turning to sites that have no complement to your editorial line or worse, which would be totally different from your world.

Example: If your website offers hotel room bookings, and you decide to establish a link exchange with a guest house site, it would be considered by Google to be relevant and therefore natural.

Conversely if you enter a partnership with a garage, there would be no link at first glance and this could be penalized in the long term by Google.

Nevertheless the guest blogging or the exchange of links, allows sometimes to place backlinks which would be at first glance coming from a totally different universe. To use it you must have some authority and know how to optimize your anchors links, because it is quite possible to small dose to place exotic links within a content.

It is a question of finding the good common denominator on the central subject and to state in a new paragraph, a point which would make it possible to position the anchor of link within the content.

In this case it is necessary to think the article upstream and pre-write to facilitate the link exchange.

SEO level of the partner blogger

2. The natural SEO level of the partner blogger

The second criterion to consider before establishing a link exchange, would be to make sure that the site with which you want to establish a partnership of guest blogging, has a better SEO than yours.

Such a link exchange will allow your site to benefit from the popularity of the partner site, which will transfer you some of its notoriety.

It is a delicate exchange but which can be fruitful if you know how to approach the partnership, while bringing an article already written and relevant on the subject of your partner.

Note: You should keep in mind that a website with a lower Google visibility than your site will not bring you real SEO gains. Optimum SEO will be gained through backlinks from sites with strong authority.

Earning links from sites with a visibility lower than yours will still have an impact in terms of Citation Flow, a unit of measure used mainly by SEO tools such as Majectic SEO. It is assumed that the more websites you talk about, the more authority you have.

seo with backlink 2018

3. Privilege links / backlinks within content for better SEO

Another important point! Deviating links that will not reflect a natural search according to Google. If the guest blogging focuses on article exchanges, some people may go to basic link exchanges.

Guest blogging and backlinks within content for better SEO

So privilege the exchange of links within the contents of the pages rather than the footer or the blogroll. A link placed within an article will be perceived by Google as natural, unlike another placed at the bottom of the page in the footer.

In terms of guest blogging we mainly raise the exchange of articles, but if we offer you this type of easy links, know to refuse by focusing on value-added content. Conversely do not propose them in return.

4. The Triangular Guest Blogging

To finish this series of tips around the guest blogging and so that it is beneficial for your site, think to team with 3 bloggers to work in triangular.

Always keep writing guest articles on blogs and feed it over time, because here is a less obvious axis to work on.

As we have in the course of this post, it is always a question of appearing as natural as possible for Google. By cons when it is possible to team with 3 blogs, to work the guest blogging triangular is the best way to ensure SEO really optimized.

The triangular diagram: The site A writes for the site B / The site B writes for the site C / The site C written for the site A

By adopting this scheme we become much more natural in the eyes of Google because there is no reciprocity between the shared articles and websites involved. The triangular guest blogging is one of the best axes to adopt to gain SEO.

For this principle think of working on 2 to 3 backlinks pointing to different pages of your sites.

The goal is of course to write an article with high added value for the site that will publish it, which in return will allow you to win 2 or 3 links to different pages of your site if the guest blogging is well managed.

Another benefit of guest blogging in triangular or not, is to allow your different audiences to take notice of each other’s sites. In this respect, it may be necessary to think more about complementarity, than about sites in direct competition.

Guest blogging what are the mistakes to avoid

Guest blogging: what are the mistakes to avoid?

As mentioned above, one of the most important things you should not do in your blog postings is to accept that the link to your site is placed in the footer or in the blogroll because it would not not much value to the SEO of your site as would a link placed within the content.

A link in the footer or the blogroll can have its interest if there is not a lot of links and if the themes of the different links are not too different from each other. Some use it as a favorite list!

Also avoid any link purchase with a site whose notoriety is “very” largely above yours because Google could detect this type of exchange as not natural. In the end these links purchases will discredit you vis-à-vis Google and you will take penalties while losing the fruit of your work.

Also avoid linking to your site from a partner page, which would be of no added value to the visitor.

By pushing further but we will discuss it soon within an article, link anchors are also working to avoid over-optimization and off-topic links that have no relation to your content. The anchor link is the word or text on which you place your link. This is one of the points that one could easily omit from working while doing guest blogging.

Never put a link unrelated to the anchor, otherwise Google would not understand the relationship between your site and the one to which the link points.

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