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Professional Emailing – An Essential tool for any SME



Emailing: an essential tool for any SME - Professional Emailing

Emailing is an indispensable tool for any company that wants to communicate effectively with its customers. It still has an excellent open rate, which can be based in part on the e-reputation of the issuer.

Essential element for the development of any SME, online marketing , of which emailing is a part, allows both to retain customers and reach new prospects.

One of the most used tools by companies to carry out this kind of campaign is emailing. The technique consists in establishing a direct link with each customer, through a massive but targeted mailing. They may be informative or commercial, as needed.

Very profitable and practical, this type of campaign is ideal for any type of activity. Especially since there are several specialized software to carry out campaigns with ease.

The importance of emailing in a marketing campaign

The importance of emailing in a marketing campaign

Emailing is usually chosen for a digital marketing campaign for its very attractive costs. Indeed, whether software or professional offers offered online, the realization and sending of e-mails are very affordable.

With the use of an up-to-date database, companies have the opportunity to target the contacts to which they will send the mails. The idea is to offer a service or product to the public most likely to be interested, according to several predefined selection criteria.

It could be their age, their consumption habits or their geographical location, etc. In addition, the risks of using incorrect email addresses will be minimal (up to 7 to 15%).

The reading rate can vary greatly depending on the design of the mails, but the return rate is always interesting in general, with an average of 5 to 15% according to Commercial Database.

The email is not overly intrusive and allows recipients to read easily, as well as a chance to respond very quickly.

The possibility of incorporating links, images and animations in the mails makes it possible to make the messages more pleasant for the prospects.

With a specialized platform, such as emailing software , it is possible to measure in real time the impact of the campaign. The offers on the market generally offer the possibility to follow the evolution of the campaign, by establishing reading rates and returns of the target audience.

The rates are calculated thanks to the number of clicks and emails sent by recipients, interesting data to improve future campaigns.

Emailing solutions

Emailing solutions

As for the tools to set up an emailing campaign, there are many options, including software to install and online platforms.

The first option is to carry out the campaign yourself, from conception to shipment. The second is offered by specialized brands, which provide a comprehensive service to simplify the task for businesses.

Solutions such as Mailpro, Benchmark Email, SendinBlue or E-Missive allow the use of both online and offline tools. As a result, companies retain maximum control over the design and delivery of the campaign while benefiting from tailor-made online services.

Features typically include the ability to automate the process to minimize wasted time and possible shipping defects. The newsletter creation tool is particularly designed to allow easy use, even without pre-requisite knowledge in HTML coding. Simply include text blocks and images, and set preferences for fonts and colors to customize the layout of the newsletter.

Several predefined templates are available for quick creation. Once the newsletter is in place, automated answer options are available, for example to welcome new members of the newsletter or wish them a happy birthday, etc.

The contacts will simply be imported in Excel format on the platform, and can then be managed easily. This will make it more convenient to send reminder emails to contacts who have not viewed previous emails, or to manage unsubscribe requests.

Moreover, Mailpro’s newsletter sending application allows automatic management of this type of case, as well as that of bad addresses.

Some rules of emailing

Emailing is not so much a question of quantity as of quality. While it’s important to reach as many people as you can during campaigns, it’s more beneficial to target your contacts perfectly. It is therefore preferable to address the recipients in a personalized way, in order to elicit a positive response. We are talking here about deliverability of emails which must be optimum.

The personalization of the sender address allows for example to offer a precise and human interlocutor to recipients, rather than impersonal communication with a company.

For easier email reading, good content design is important. Thus, the texts will have to go straight to the point, to offer a clear idea. Recipients will be more likely to read the entirety without considering wasting their time. This is all the more important since most emails are now read from a mobile device.

 The profitability of emailing

The profitability of emailing

The inclusion of narrative parts, like a company story or its latest accomplishments, can help make the message more compelling. At the end of the mail, the addition of a call-to-action, through a link to a page of the company’s website, will always be effective to generate a quick return.

The title of an email is also important and must encourage reading.

For this, it is better to design short titles, about 50 characters maximum, describing the content of the message without seeming too commercial.

The addition of images is a sure thing to offer a pleasant message to read to prospects. It will however think to optimize the size of the images, so that they do not take too much time to load during a reading on mobile. The image is also a good opportunity to incorporate an internal link, especially on mobile.

The option to add a share button on social networks, available on a large number of emailing software , will also extend the marketing campaign to a wider audience. Word of mouth is always an asset not to be neglected.

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