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5 Questions Business Owners ask before Choosing a Web Designing Firm



5 Questions Business Owners ask before Choosing a Web Designing Firm

Once you have decided to hire a web designer, it’s time to research on a few before composing the final decision. However, most Business owners ignore the most crucial aspect of hiring a web professional.

They do not clear their apprehensions and doubts.

List of 5 most important questions business owners should ask before hiring Web Agency:

1. Do you offer web hosting services?

This is a crucial part of services offered by most companies which means your business website will exist in their hosting server. Even if you have a web hosting provider, it is important to ask the firm if they offer one. You should enquire if the fee includes IP address unique to your site.

You should enquire about the bandwidth, disk space, and processing power. Inquiring about the web hosting services including guaranteed uptime, access speed, control panel type, sponsored links fees, etc. will help you compare the services and decide on the best.

2. Will you incorporate social media into my website design?

It is crucial to link social networking websites to the business website. In fact, it is an integral part of the present age website design. You need to know if the web designer will integrate the service and the fee they will charge for it.

Some of the firms offer social media integration services as a part of lead generation and conversion. Enquire about social media marketing plans offered by the company such as blogger outreach, setup, management, monitoring, measuring, and many more.

3. Do you offer maintenance services once my site goes live?

Changes in technology and trends are inevitable. Hence, you should focus on updating content or browser compatibility features on a regular basis. You should inquire the web design firm if they offer maintenance services once your business website goes live.

Find out how much you require to pay for major updates, minor edits, etc.

4. What is your strategy to measure results once the site goes live?

It is sad but true that in most cases, the relationship of business with their web design company ends the moment once the site goes live. The reality should be different.

You may hear varied alien terms such as bounce rate, page views, inbound links, unique visits, search engine ranking, time on site, conversion rate, etc.

You should enquire how this is done with respect to analytic tools and the numbers or standards you must expect your website to create. Also, know the frequency at which you will be supplied with these statistics.

Another most crucial thing is to understand the procedure for improving those that fail to achieve performance marks.

5. Can I access my website statistics without informing you?

Most business owners do not ask this question. Website statistics will help you to access to various analytics and monitor the performance of websites.

Hence, it is important that website designing firms provide you with access to this interface. You can get a password for the same to be able to view statistics of your website online at any time.

Pertinent Advice

In order to achieve the target set for your business, you must take out ample time to prepare a list of questions to ask a website designer.

Asking the above-listed questions will make sure you retain a results-oriented business partner that will support you in achieving tangible results, ultimately translating into a calculable return on your website designing investment.

Nicki Jenns is a healthy eating and world news expert, motivational speaker and author. She is passionate about the impact of health and family issues.

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