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5 Essential WordPress Plugins for Small Business Websites



5 Essential WordPress Plugins for Small Business Websites

Science and technology have changed the ways of business operations drastically. Over the last few years, the advancement in the field of technology has been so remarkable that the market is all ready to call it the next level of revolution. Therefore, no business today can think of surviving the market competition without adopting the latest means and methods of operation and marketing.

The online platforms have emerged as the new age market place integrating the demand and the supply laterals like never before. The better your website looks and appeals, the more it will attract customers. Besides catching the attention of the customers, it is also significant that they do not lose interest in your website immediately after entering the platform. Hence, an engaging website design is what every business owner looks for today.

Especially for small business owners aiming at further market penetration through widening the target audience base, website design is one of the critical parameters. For website designing of any variation and degree, WordPress is the best solution the technology has to offer right now. While thousands of options are available for WordPress plugins these days, you need to choose carefully.

The requirements and marketing strategies of the small firms differ from the large scale operators. Hence, the choice of WordPress plug-ins should also be different for these two types of businesses. Here are some of the best WordPress plug-ins the small operators can consider to design their platforms.

yoast seo plugin 2021

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress plug-ins the market has currently to offer. Who can deny the role an SEO plays in making a website work efficiently. This is what makes the Yoast SEO all more compatible and sought after choice. While reaching more people and keeping them glued to the website remain the two primary mottoes of any small scale business house, Yoast SEO does it perfectly.

Besides attracting effective and productive organic traffic, it also works towards SEO optimization. This, in turn, enhances the market penetration and audience spread of the brand. Always remember that a good flow of traffic can either make or break your business.

Hence, SEO optimization and the right choice of keywords are most critical for your business at any point in time. Yoast SEO also contributes to enhancing the readability of the content, which indeed keeps the visitors engaged to your page.

2. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is another reliable and advanced WordPress plug-in that any small scale business firm can depend on. Today, when every piece of information is available on the internet, maintaining the secrecy of your business data is becoming difficult day by day. With thousands of hacking incidences taking place in the cyber world every day, you need a WordPress plug-in that will keep your data safe.

Also, sometimes many of the plug-ins you already use does not offer regular updates. Hence, your website can run into compatibility issues at any time. To safeguard your website from such problems and more, you need UpdraftPlus that integrates the cloud space to keep your data safe.

No matter if you are switching between platforms, or running some updates, this plug-in can help you skip several hassles. In the absence of it, your website might face challenges from time to time and remain exposed to the threat of data theft. Therefore, for small enterprises, this one is a must-have WordPress plugin. 

3. Optimole

Website impact is another factor that every business owner must keep in mind while choosing WordPress plug-ins. On average, images account for 50% of a webpage, and these also make the page loading slower. According to the market surveys on consumer behaviour, if your page does not load within 3 seconds, the consumer steps out of your website to never return.

Will this be fine for any small business looking for more traffic? Surely Not! This is why you need Optimol to optimize your images making the page load time shorter. Images lend appeal to the websites, and visitors love websites with colourful images. But, the same must not be an obstacle for offering optimum user experience. Choose to use Optimole, and your website would perform optimally regardless of the number of images.

4. Revive Old Post

Do you know where most of the global crowds huddle these days? It is a social media platform. Roughly around 2 billion people remain active on Facebook every month. On Twitter, you will find 300 million users log-in every month. Surely you can imagine the potential these platforms have to make a difference to your website’s traffic.

Therefore, if you are not active on social media platforms, you are missing out on the huge crowd that can be your potential customer. And, small business houses would surely not love to miss the customers. Revive Old Post WordPress Plug-in ensures that you do not miss out on any opportunity at all. It helps share old and new posts automatically on Twitter and Facebook. You can also schedule your social media posts using these plug-ins.


5. WP Rocket

If your business website page generates copies of dynamically produced pages, it might go slow at times. The best solution out of this trouble would be to opt for a caching solution. WP Rocket WordPress is just what your website needs to boost the page loading speed.

This one impacts the page performance more than the image optimization process. Given the importance of page loading time, managing your business and sales, WP Rocket is a must-have plug-in for all small businesses. Also, it keeps your caching solution integrated with a CDN.

The choice of your WordPress plug-in can impact your business in many ways. If you want more organic traffic and SEO optimization for your business, make sure to choose the right WordPress plug-ins. From helping you to get enough traffic to enhancing the sale conversions, the appropriate plug-ins can change your businesses’ performance within a short while. Consider the features carefully and run a price comparison before opting for any WordPress plug-in.

Author Bio: Hello, I am Michael. I am a professional writer for Website design company Dublin also expert in inbound marketing, content marketing, and lead generation.  I write SEO articles for global business industries who want to see their organic SEO rankings on top. I love to write about the various digital marketing topics & trends, especially how internet marketing is affecting online market. All of my writing focuses on balancing informative with online marketing needs but never at the expense of providing a valuable read to users.

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