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New Trends & Software Used in Graphic Designing rule 2018



Trends & Software Used in Graphic Designing rule 2018

It is a visual communication language which can be a combination of symbols, text, and images to represent ideas and message visually. Graphic designers create the interactive and visual concepts, using different computer software or techniques.

They develop the overall layout for various applications such as an advertisement, magazines, brochures etc. They combine both art and technology to produce some interactive and informative media.

Need of graphic designers in today’s world:

In today world, companies are demanding a major portion of graphic designers in order to entertain or attract the potential customers to gain promotion or to increase the business productivity. The better your design is the better you can communicate with people. Best design and informative media is the only solution that helps in engaging more users.

Nowadays, graphic designers are required in many industries like in advertisement industry, print, web designing industry etc. Due to this, the demand of the professional candidates for graphic design jobs profile is on the rise.

For getting success in your career, it is necessary to be updated with every kind of new tool, software, and trends.

Here is the list of new trends:

  • Color Gradients: Color gradients are used by every website developer these days. This makes your content more attractive and eye catchy. These color choices help give gradients a modern feel that seems to mesh with other website trends. You can add any two colors and even try a muted color combination in the background of a website. You can make your background images attractive with the use of gradients.
  • Animated Typography: These days color fonts trends go one step further with animated typography and animated version of fonts. Animated fonts make a web page more attractive and easily catch the attention of visitors.
  • Responsive logos: The idea of making alternate logos of company to meet the user demand is quite good. Responsive logos give a unique identity to a website brand. These days companies refreshing their logos into modern version to meet the demands of today world.
  • Animation and GIF: GIFs and SVGs are valuable tools for communicating ideas or to engaging more users towards a website. User love animated content rather than just seeing static images or content. You may use the GIF images in your advertisements, website content.
  • The texture in print Design: Texture is a powerful technique for creating, compelling, and design new projects or to improve your existing designs. Texture creates a physical illusion and it continuous to plays a vital role in the creation of all type of visual elements. You can use different types of textures like natural texture, unique artificial texture, tactile Texture etc. These kinds of graphic give your website or logo an immersed look.
  • Custom graphic art and Illusion: The demand for the custom graphic art and illusion is will continue to grow with time. Custom images also play an important role in the print media. Custom graphic images and illustration has taken a backseat to cheaper stock imagery alternatives for much of the last decade.

These are some trends which graphic designers need to follow in order to deliver the desired result. Every day new trends come in the marker for making a bright career it is suggested that be updated with every kind of new technology and trend, keep changes in your designing style to achieve a great success in the market.

Here is the List of some free top Software’s:

  • Adobe in Design: It is mostly used by the business owners for creating an easy to access and clean layout for desktop and mobile devices. By using this software you can create a layout for your website, magazines, brochures, printed book etc. Most if unbelievable features include in this which helps you in making more attractive designs.
  • Photoshop: It is an amazing software and also easy to learn. It offers a number of different features like perspective correction, channel mixing, and clone stamp tool etc. It runs on both Mac and Windows. Video editing option in this is also good and gives more value to this software.
  • GIMP: GNU Image Manipulation Program is perfect software for the designers. It is a free and open source graphic design editor that comes with many different features like editing, cropping, and many more specialized tasks. It is run on Windows, Mac, Linux, OS X and on other OS. It is very easy to use and comes with a single window usage.
  • Inkscape: It is an alternative to Artificial intelligence, professional tool that is used by design professionals and hobbyists worldwide, for creating a wide variety of graphics such as illustrations, icons, logos, diagrams, maps and web graphics. 
  • CorelDraw: It is amazing software that allows you to create thousands of designs without any restrictions. It is a vector graphics editor that is one of the most popular editors among web developers. In this, you may find the tutorial videos to learn the functions of this software.
  • Adobe Illustrator: It is a vector graphics editor developed by Adobe system. It is most popular and favorite among many website developers. It has come with its own plugins that help in making a brilliant web page.

These are some best software and trends which you can use to make interactive designs. Candidates can easily make a great future by applying for jobs vacancies and attain great placements in top companies.

This will help the candidates in getting major opportunities and secure a great future. There are so many online tutorials are available now from where you can learn about the features of all the tools. All the tools are easy to use and provide much support in designing.


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