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Web Hosting Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Business



Web Hosting Mistakes Hurting Your Business (Fix Them Guide)

We all make mistakes, in all walks of life. It is how you learn from these mistakes that really matters. However, often, we don’t even realize we are making errors. This is especially the case when it comes to something like web hosting.

There are many different web hosting services available today. It is vital that your business chooses with care, as your web host will have a massive influence on the performance of your website, and consequently, the user experience you provide and where you rank on the search engine result pages.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at the web hosting mistakes that are hurting your business so that you can right these wrongs.

No clarity regarding bandwidth and disk space usage

The first mistake that a lot of business owners make is failing to understand how much disk space and bandwidth they really do have available. If you have already subscribed to 10 GB bandwidth and 50 MB disk space, you are all ready to go.

Even if your website gets thousands of hits each and every day, you are not going to have to worry about a transfer limit when you have 10 GB of bandwidth.

However, if you start with 2 GB of bandwidth, downtime is bound to become a problem.

Assuming ‘unlimited’ really means unlimited

When choosing a web host, you may have encountered promises like ‘unlimited’ or ‘free for life’ but does this really mean what is being implied? Aside from disk space quota and bandwidth, you need to be carefully regarding limitations that do not generally show up on the host’s sign-up page.

You should ask your web host if you could do the following:

  • Use a shopping cart on your website
  • Install new software on your own
  • Add statistics to your account
  • Use Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Maintain multiple POP accounts

Don’t buy into any marketing spiel. You need to be sure that what is being said is legitimate. If you cannot find the information on the hosting provider’s website, drop them an email with a list of questions.

Not understanding the SEO implications of web hosting

A lot of business owners do not realize that their choice of web host has a massive impact on their search engine ranking. Hosting problems can erase all of your good search engine optimization work.

Your website’s credibility can be damaged both in the eyes of Google bots and human users due to shared hosting with spam sites of bad quality, database connection errors, and slow site speed.

In fact, you could even end up de-indexing your website in Google with internal server errors, prolonged run-time errors, and exceeded bandwidth limit. Do not underestimate just how important your choice of web hosting provider is.

Settling for the cheapest web host you can find

It is understandable – you want to save costs. However, if you go for the cheapest solution, it will end up costing your business a lot more in the long run.

This is because you are bound to suffer in terms of a slow website, poor security, and the amount of time spent offline. This will cost your business way more than the couple of pounds you have saved per month by going for a cheap web host.

What about a free hosting service? Well, this is even worse! If you are offered a free hosting service, you are almost certain to suffer from at least one of the following issues:

  • Search engines may not give your website equal importance when ranking it on the result pages.
  • You may not have the leverage to scale up or build your website in the manner you want it.
  • The hosting provider may not respond to any of your issues or concerns in a quick manner.
  • You may become a silent spectator, not knowing why or when the server went down.
  • Someday you may receive a warning message from your host that says ‘shut down’.
  • Running specific scripts for video or animation may not be an option.
  • The web host may put up third-party, unsolicited ads on your website.

Choosing a new hosting company

We all have to start somewhere, right? But when it comes to web hosting, it really is worth going for an established provider.

There are lots of brand new hosting companies who offer cash awards, coupon codes, freebies, and huge discounts to try and lure people in. However, don’t be surprised if these businesses run out of server space and close down within a period of six-to-12 months.

Failing to communicate with tech support

Technical support is there for a reason. Companies like iPage provide 24/7 customer support, and you should not settle for anything less.

If there is a problem with your website, you need to be secure in the knowledge that you can easily pick up the phone or head to live chat and get the issue rectified as soon as possible.

After all, every moment you spend offline is a moment you are missing out on customers.

As you can see, there are a number of different web hosting mistakes that businesses are making today.

If you have noticed any of the errors that have been mentioned up, there is no need to panic. Simply follow the advice that has been presented so that you can rectify these blunders as soon as possible and get your online efforts back on track.

Nicki Jenns is a healthy eating and world news expert, motivational speaker and author. She is passionate about the impact of health and family issues.

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